Hire Us!

Icecream Social loves a party, no matter what the reason, or even if there's no reason at all. We have bases in Melbourne and Castlemaine, and can travel a wee bit beyond both.

Being a small company means that not only can we bring our handmade icecream directly to your special fun time, we can also churn a flavour or two especially for the occasion.

Our icecream truck is a blinged up 1980s postie van, with retro vibes. It's top speed is 80km/hour, downhill. Once I drove it faster but the mirrors started wobbling alarmingly. Still, it'll get to your place eventually, don't you worry about that.

Now let's talk money.

We have a $600 minimum. This will give you one hour of scooping service for up to 80 guests. We then scale up in 15 minute blocks, which cost $150 and serve 30 extra people

If you're more than 40km away from Castlemaine or 10km from Preston , we charge $70 per hour for the time it takes us to get there and get back.

If you'd like to request a booking, fill in this form and we'll get back to you!

Or if all else fails, email us at info@icecreamsocial.com.au