Box Price Changes

Box Price Changes

Hello local food lovers! This is our little disclaimer about our box prices which our entire customer base has been emailed about. If you have any queries, didn't receive the email or would like to chat about it (and about our crazy food system!) send us an email at

Good food is not cheap and cheap food is not good. So we're doing a little price rise to help us keep on getting good food to you.

The Melbourne Food Hub box scheme was started a few years back with a lotta love and a little bit of grant money. The grant money is now long gone, and this, combined with the increase in fuel and produce prices means that our prices have to go up. In the words of Gough, IT'S TIME. 

The new prices are:
$40 small
$50 large
$60 jumbo

These prices will increase on the 25th April 2022 and if you are a subscriber, this will happen automatically. You don't have to do anything, except keep on being your fabulous local food lovin' self. 

The delivery fee will increase $9 to cover increasing fuel costs. If you've been to the petrol station in the last couple of weeks, this one will NOT be a surprise.
But delivery is FREE over $40. This means that all size boxes will get free delivery! Huzzah.

Fair and equal access to healthy, fresh, seasonal food is important to us and so our concession discount-code still applies. If you are struggling financially and hold a concession card, please email us with the details. Oh! And look out for our food relief boxes. They are a 'pay it forward' scheme funded by our super generous veggie box customers!

A BIG thank you
So many of you have supported us from the beginning, put up with our website dodginess and eaten the weirdest shaped carrots we threw at you. So thanks for supporting us then and even more thanks for supporting us now! Trust and believe that all the extra money you pay will be going to building the fairest, strongest, most robust local food system we can.

Peace, love and gumboots,

Helen, Jess & Amy from Melbourne Food Hub Boxes
by Icecream Social

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